Westchester Taxi and Limo

Frequent Question Ask

Q) What are your operating hours?

A) Our vehicles operate twenty-four hours daily even though our office hours are 6am to 12 midnight.

Q) What kind of vehicles do you utilize?

A) We use Sedans, Minivans and Suv’s

Q) What methods of payment do you accept?

A) We accept all major credit cards:

  1. Credit Cards - Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover
  2. Cash is accepted but we require a credit card in order to hold a reservation

Q) How much notice do you need for a reservation?

A) Ideally we require12 hours notice reservations and minimum of 3 hours for out of town. Early morning pick-ups must be reserved by 10:00pm on the previous evening. Generally speaking, the further you are from the airport and the earlier your pick-up time, the more notice we need. Last minute calls are not usually encouraged but we will still try to accommodate them.

Q) Can I get a shared ride at any time?

A) none

Q) Is the passenger responsible for paying tolls?

A) The passenger is responsible for all tolls.

Q) Are pets allowed on your vehicles?

A) Only if they are on a travel cage or bag, please contact our office for more information, extra fee may apply.

Q) Do you provide service to hotels in the New York City and adjoining areas?

A) We provide service to all hotels in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.

Q) How much luggage can I take?
  1. A) Passengers are and allowed 2 standard sized suitcases 2 carry-ons on a sedan.
  2. B) On a minivan 3 standard sized suitcases 2 carry-ons
  3. C) On a SUV, 4 standard sized suitcases 3 carry-ons
    For each additional piece of luggage $10.00.

Q) Do you supply car seats for children?

A) We provide car seats if requested.

Q) What is the procedure for picking up arriving passengers at the airport?

A) Passengers arriving at JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and McArthur Airport are advised to contact our office and proceed to passenger pickup transportation unless is requested we will pickup inside.

Q) What is the waiting time at the airport?

A) The waiting time is normally 30 minutes on domestic flights and 45 minutes on international flights, after that we will charge-waiting time.

Q) Is gratuity included in the fare?

A) Yes gratuity is mandatory and the amount is 20%.

Q) Can I request a particular driver?

A) Yes, you can but the final decision is based on the driver’s availability.

Q) Can I make arrangements for additional pick-ups and drop offs on a private ride?

A) This can be arranged with an additional charge for each stop.

WTLC PERMIT #03-00073


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